Why Motorcycle Tires Are Not Interchangeable With ANY Other Mode Of Transportation

Motorcycles are unique modes of transportation. They were originally created when someone attached a small two-cylinder motor to a standard bicycle to go faster without the need to pedal. If motorcycles were still made that way, you could take tires off another bicycle and put them on the "motor" cycle you are riding. However, motorcycles have come a very long way from the very first motorized bicycles. Their design and their parts are almost nothing like bicycles anymore, and yet, they are nothing like cars either.

Motorcycle Air Filter Basics: Reusable Air Filter Selection And Care

When it comes to motorcycle performance, you need a balance of fuel and air. If the mixture of fuel and air is out of balance, it can affect how your motorcycle's engine runs. However, when you can increase the airflow and provide cleaner air to the engine, it can help to increase the engine's power and response. Should you decide to replace the stock paper filter in your motorcycle engine with a reusable, high-performance filter, here are a few things you should know.