Get Those Matching Wind Deflectors For Your Car Now

A car accessory that isn't as common as it was years ago is the wind deflector, a plastic or metal border that goes over the windows in your car. These act as shields against sun and rain and cut down on the road noise that an open car window would usually result in. For older cars that have chrome trim, chrome deflectors will look the best. Protect Classic Finishes Under Windows

Choose A Side By Side That Has These Smaller Storage Options

When you shop for a side by side, the available storage space of each model at the dealership will be something to evaluate. A lot of these vehicles have large amounts of storage behind the cockpit, while some even have storage space in front of the cockpit. When you look more carefully, you'll notice that there are a lot of smaller storage compartments on various side by sides. Despite their size, these compartments can come in handy virtually every time you use this vehicle.