Get Those Matching Wind Deflectors For Your Car Now

A car accessory that isn't as common as it was years ago is the wind deflector, a plastic or metal border that goes over the windows in your car. These act as shields against sun and rain and cut down on the road noise that an open car window would usually result in. For older cars that have chrome trim, chrome deflectors will look the best.

Protect Classic Finishes Under Windows

One of the reasons you want wind deflectors is that they can add a little protection for the finish on your car doors under the window. They won't totally shade that part of the door, but they can shade enough during the middle of the day to make a difference. By blocking even some of the UV rays in that sunlight, you help the paint on the car last a lot longer.

Find the Right Model for Your Car for the Best Results

You obviously need wind deflectors that are the right size for your car; otherwise, they won't install correctly. But for a perfect fit and excellent look, finding the right model of wind deflector is essential. You don't just want something that will fit your car; you want the model that your car would have used back when it was new. Those models of wind deflectors will fit like a glove.

You Can Get Them for Sun and Moon Roofs, Too

Wind deflectors are usually seen on the front driver and passenger side windows. However, for cars that have sun or moon roofs, wind deflectors that fit over the open side of the roof can be just as helpful. Remember that vintage goods are not that old; they may be a couple of decades old at their youngest, so a lot of "vintage" car models will have sunroofs or moon roofs. These wind deflectors, though, likely aren't going to be chrome as that wouldn't really match the style of the car. Chrome wind deflectors will most likely be on older cars on the doors, matching the chrome trim. Regardless of material, though, the deflectors can really cut down on the noise you'd normally hear when the sunroof or moon roof were open.

When you find vintage wind deflectors that match your car both in terms of size and material, grab them. They'll make riding in the car so much more comfortable. 

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