Choose A Side By Side That Has These Smaller Storage Options

When you shop for a side by side, the available storage space of each model at the dealership will be something to evaluate. A lot of these vehicles have large amounts of storage behind the cockpit, while some even have storage space in front of the cockpit. When you look more carefully, you'll notice that there are a lot of smaller storage compartments on various side by sides. Despite their size, these compartments can come in handy virtually every time you use this vehicle. Here are some smaller storage options that you'll likely want when you buy a side by side.

Glove Compartment 

You likely store all sorts of things in the glove compartment of your car, which should tell you how valuable this type of storage can be. A lot of side by sides also have glove compartments, which can be ideal for carrying smaller objects and things that you want convenient access to while you ride. For example, it's a good idea to carry a trail map if you'll be doing a lot of trail riding in your side by side, and storing the map in the glove compartment will keep it dry and out of harm's way. You might also favor placing snacks in this storage spot at the start of a long ride.

Center Console

You'll find some side by sides that feature a center console between the front two seats. This console typically opens up to provide another handy storage space. You can use the center console for storing all sorts of things. For example, if you don't want your wallet and cellphone in the pockets of your pants while you're seated in the driver's seat, you can place them in the center console — perhaps like you do in your car.


There are side by sides that have storage compartments built into each of the rear fenders. From a distance, the fenders will appear conventional — but once you get close, you'll see that you can release a latch and open them up. While you'll still likely use the large storage bed at the rear of the vehicle for carrying big items, the space in the fender storage compartments can be useful for small things. For example, you might fill one with items that you may need occasionally to help other riders. This list may include a length of rope for pulling a stuck vehicle out of the mud, some basic tools, and more. Remember to extensively evaluate each of the available storage compartments when you shop for a side by side at a dealership in your area.

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