Why Motorcycle Tires Are Not Interchangeable With ANY Other Mode Of Transportation

Motorcycles are unique modes of transportation. They were originally created when someone attached a small two-cylinder motor to a standard bicycle to go faster without the need to pedal. If motorcycles were still made that way, you could take tires off another bicycle and put them on the "motor" cycle you are riding.

However, motorcycles have come a very long way from the very first motorized bicycles. Their design and their parts are almost nothing like bicycles anymore, and yet, they are nothing like cars either. Additionally, you cannot take motorcycle tires or any other motorcycle parts and put them on another bike by another manufacturer. Here are all the reasons why motorcycle tires (and parts) are not interchangeable, and why you have to go to a motorcycle tire service station to get the correct replacement tires for your bike.

"Chopper" Wheels Go With the Custom Frame

A "chopper" is a custom motorcycle made from a one-of-a-kind design for the frame. It means that only tires that can fit and support the frame and the riders on the chopper can be used to complete these bikes. If you have a chopper, there is also a very good chance that the front wheel is a lot narrower, thinner, or wider in diameter than the rear tire. The same could be true for any motorcycle where the two tires are not the same at all. 

Motorcycle Tires Could Never Support a Car

The weight of a motorcycle is in fine tune with the wheels' ability to support the bike as it rolls down the road. Motorcycles tend to weigh a lot less than cars, and car tires are bigger and fatter to support the weight of a car. You cannot trade a car tire for a motorcycle tire, nor can you trade a motorcycle tire for a car tire. Even if you could get a car tire installed on a motorcycle (or vice versa), the motorcycle tire would go flat on the car, and the car tire would not be able to move properly to help the motorcycle go. 

Bike Tires Are Too Skinny and Not Wide Enough

Are you are thinking about those new bikes with the super-fat, double-wide tires? Sure, that seems like it would work, but it cannot. The diameter of these fat bike tires is still made for bikes, not for motorcycles. The fat bike tires are also too thin for the motorcycle. Stand a motorcycle tire next to one of these new fat bicycle tires and you will immediately see that interchanging them is just not feasible. 

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