Motorcycle Air Filter Basics: Reusable Air Filter Selection And Care

When it comes to motorcycle performance, you need a balance of fuel and air. If the mixture of fuel and air is out of balance, it can affect how your motorcycle's engine runs. However, when you can increase the airflow and provide cleaner air to the engine, it can help to increase the engine's power and response. Should you decide to replace the stock paper filter in your motorcycle engine with a reusable, high-performance filter, here are a few things you should know.

Choose the Right Filter Type

There are a couple of different types of reusable air filters for your motorcycle. You need to choose the right one for your needs and your budget. Foam air filters, for example, are more affordable than their cotton or fiber counterparts. However, they do have their drawbacks.

The composition of a foam air filter makes it easier for smaller dirt particles to get stuck in the filter. This can lead to dirty, clogged filters more frequently if you run your bike in a dusty environment frequently. If you run dirt tracks, off-road trails, or anything of the sort, foam air filters may not be the best option.

Foam is a better option if you want to increase the airflow a little bit, but you still want some intake restriction. Foam filter fibers are dense enough that, while they will allow more air than paper filters might, they won't allow as much as cotton filters. Consider the balance of the two to determine which one is best for your situation.

Keep the Filter Clean

No matter what type of air filter you choose, it needs to be clean for it to work properly. With reusable filters, you have complete control of this. All you need to do is clean and reoil the filter regularly. However, you need to use a cleaning product that is recommended by your filter manufacturer. Whether you're using foam or cotton for your air filter, the wrong cleaning product can actually damage the fibers and the adhesive of the filters.

Choose a cleaning product that is safe for the filter, then make sure the filter is completely dry before you return it to the bike. That way, you don't risk introducing any moisture to the engine that could be damaging.

The more you understand about air filters and the benefits of performance filters, the easier it is to choose the right filter for your needs. Contact a motorcycle parts supplier near you today for more help and information.