Three Reasons To Use Underwater Boat Lights

When you shop for a bowrider boat such as a Sea Fox bowrider, you'll notice that it has a number of lights mounted in different positions. While some lights are to help make the craft visible at night, others — such as those around the cockpit of the vessel — are to illuminate the area when needed. There are a variety of lighting upgrades that you may wish to consider, including those that shine underneath the boat. Many of these lights shine in different colors, which can give your vessel a unique glow. Here are three reasons that you may want to use underwater boat lights.

Nighttime Swimming

Most people who swim off their boat do so during the daytime, but it can be fun to swim after dark, too. Provided that you choose a safe part of the water and don't stray too far from the boat, nighttime swimming has numerous advantages. As the air temperature drops, the water can feel warmer — making it feel good against your skin. Swimming and looking up at the moon and stars, which are often visible when you're on a lake well away from the city, can also add to the mood. Underwater boat lights will definitely augment your nighttime swimming experience, casting a colorful glow in the water around the boat.

Nighttime Fishing

Like swimming, fishing is typically a daytime activity. Fishing in the dark presents some challenges but also some opportunities. The biggest challenge, of course, is the darkness. When you can't easily see what you're doing, fishing can be more difficult. For example, while you might be able to hook a fish and reel it up to the side of your boat, it can be difficult to catch it with a net in a low-light environment. Fortunately, the underwater lights in your boat will brighten the immediate area around you to make your fishing efforts easier.

Nighttime Parties

A boat can be a fun place to have a party with a small group of friends. Many parties extend to the evening hours, and you don't want to wrap up just because the sun has set. You'll definitely impress your gathered group of friends when you flip a switch to turn on your underwater boat lights. They'll marvel as the water around your vessel instantly turns a fun color — neon green, blue, or purple, for example — and this can send a clear sign that the party is nowhere near wrapping up.