Choosing Aftermarket Mirrors For Your Ducati

There are plenty of options for customizing your bike, and new mirrors are one possibility that's both functional and attractive. A variety of aftermarket mirrors exist for a wide range of Ducatis, including the Panigale. With so many different options available, choosing the right one isn't always easy. It's one thing to just select mirrors that look good to your eye, but as these are functional (and, arguably, safety-oriented) parts of your bike, it may be worth taking a little more time to find the perfect mirrors for you. This guide will provide you with a few key features to watch out for.

Why Should You Replace Your Stock Mirrors?

Aside from aesthetic reasons, it is a well-known problem that the fixed plastic mirrors on certain Panigale bikes can break easily. While this is a design choice made by Ducati, not all owners are interested in relatively expensive parts being so easily breakable. Aftermarket mirrors offer the chance to replace your stock mirrors with parts that are more durable, more attractive, and that potentially offer more features that those found on the bike from the factory.

Mounting Options

Before taking any other steps, you should decide on which mounting option you want to go with for your new mirrors. Aftermarket mirrors generally either mount in the stock locations or on the ends of the bars. Bar-end mirrors will likely require adapters, so keep this in mind or check the kit that you are purchasing to be sure that it includes all of the hardware that you need. Keep in mind, however, that bar-end mirrors have their own share of pros and cons. While the wider position often provides a better view behind you, they also add extra overall width to your bike.

Decide on Must-Have Features

Most mirrors offer extra features that aren't necessarily present on your bike's stock mirrors. This may include the ability to fold the mirrors when the bike is parked, letting you squeeze into even tighter spaces. Many mirrors also offer multiple possible mounting positions, as well as user adjustments once the mirrors are installed on the bike. These may seem like small things, but these simple quality of life features can help you to enjoy your ride that much more. If your mirrors will be equipped with turn signals, be sure to pick ones with bright, high-quality LEDs.

Be Aware of Quality Issues

Before purchasing any mirrors for your bike, be sure to carefully read long-term user reviews. While it may not seem as though there is much to go wrong on a mirror, this is far from the case. Poor quality mirrors may break too easily, especially if you happen to brush up against an object. Likewise, the quality of the mirror's mounting hardware is important to avoid issues with vibrations while riding. A mirror that vibrates too much isn't just annoying, it can also prevent you from being able to easily see what's behind you.

With a little bit of research and consideration, you'll be able to pick out mirrors for your bike that will both improve its aesthetics and let you ride more safely. Happy riding!

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