4 Benefits To Purchasing And Using Stationary Kart Stands

If you have a go-kart, you need a stand. There are lots of reasons for this, including the fact that a stand makes it easier to transport your kart. You should take a look at a Streeter basic stationary kart stand, and then consider its benefits as follows.

1. You Can Repair Your Kart Without Damaging the Paint Job

With the way that karts zoom around a track, you would think that they are lighter than air. In fact, they are quite heavy, given the motor inside and the density of the kart's hull. If you have ever tried to flip a kart onto its side to repair it or flip it completely upside down, you probably dinged it up or damaged the paint job. With a stationary kart stand, you can elevate the kart enough to work on it from underneath, thereby leaving the paint job and hull intact.

2. You Avoid Damage to the Engine and the Gas Tank

Technically, you should not be flipping a kart onto any side at all. They are supposed to remain right side up because turning them on their sides can cause problems with the gas line, and flipping them upside down can damage the tank and/or cause it to leak. Yet, when you need to get under the kart for repairs, you need to get under it. A stationary stand is perfect because it keeps the kart in the correct upright position while you work on it.

3. You Can Store Your Kart off the Ground

If you live where there are frequent low-flooding problems, you need to keep your kart on drier ground, so to speak. Since you cannot keep it on the ground to keep it dry, you need to elevate it when you have in storage. Not only can a stationary kart stand accomplish that task, but it also remains unaffected by the force of the water; the stand will not budge or topple.

4. Buy a Wheeled Stand Too

While you are at it, you should buy a wheeled kart stand, too. The wheeled version allows you to wheel your kart onto a truck without dropping it or damaging it. A wheeled stand is great for transporting your kart to dirt tracks for racing competitions, while the stationary kart is best for repairs and tune-ups. Additionally, if anything goes wrong with one kart stand, you have the other as a back-up.