Remove Corrosion From A Chrome Gas Tank And Apply Glossy Paint And Decals

Remove corrosion from your motorcycle's chrome gas tank by completing the following steps. Afterwards, apply a coat of glossy paint to the tank that contains a rust-preventative and a couple custom decals to protect the tank from damage and provide it with an improved appearance.


  • naval jelly
  • sponge
  • natural-bristle scrub brush
  • chrome cleaning agent
  • water hose
  • automotive tape
  • exterior primer
  • power paint sprayer
  • glossy paint designed for chrome (with a rust preventative)
  • customized adhesive decals
  • ruler
  • plastic scraper

Remove Corrosion And Clean The Tank

Dip a sponge into a container of naval jelly and press it against each spot that is rusted. Spread the naval jelly across each spot by moving the sponge lightly from side to side. After a while, you will notice the rust beginning to disintegrate. When this occurs, move a natural-bristle scrub brush over the rust that remains to speed up the process of removing it.

Once all of the corroded areas have been removed, clean the tank with a fresh sponge that has been dipped into a product that is designed for use on chrome. Remove the naval jelly and the cleaning agent from the tank's surface with a water hose once you have finished.

Apply Primer And Glossy Paint

Use several pieces of automotive tape to cover portions of the motorcycle that are located next to the gas tank. Afterwards, apply a coat of exterior primer to the chrome surface with a power paint gun. If portions of the tank are not covered sufficiently once the first coat of primer has dried, apply some more with the paint gun. Empty the gun's tank and rinse it out with water before adding glossy paint to it. Apply a few coats of glossy paint over the primer. Make sure that the initial coat of paint does not feel tacky before adding another one.

Secure Custom Decals To The Tank's Sides

Purchase custom decals that portray a picture or design that matches your personality. Line up one decal on one side of the tank with the help of a ruler. Remove the backing from the decal and press the sticky side of the decal directly against the painted tank. Move a plastic scraper across the decal to assist with flattening it. Apply the other decal to the other side of the tank in the same manner. Your motorcycle will now be ready for you to ride and you will not need to worry about the gas tank showing signs of damage any longer.