Fire Safety And Prevention While Camping In A Travel Trailer

Fire safety and prevention should be at the top of your priority list when preparing for a camping trip. Are you prepared for a fire in, or around your travel trailer? Is your travel trailer equipped with everything you need to keep your family safe?

Fire Safety Equipment You Need

Just like you have installed smoke alarms in your home, you should have smoke alarms installed in your travel trailer. Purchase at least two smoke alarms that are listed for use in a travel trailer or RV and install one on each end of the trailer.

Buy and install at least two A:B:C  rated fire extinguishers for your RV. One should be mounted directly beside the main entrance and one near the stove. The A:B:C fire extinguishers are effective in extinguishing flammable liquids and combustible materials without conducting electricity. Having a third extinguisher outside of the trailer is a great additional measure to take to extinguish fires in your vehicle or campfires that may have gotten out of control.

Create an Evacuation Plan

Make sure that your family knows how to escape from the trailer if it should catch on fire. Practice opening the emergency exit windows and, if necessary, using the escape ladders.

Talk with your kids about where to go if they have to evacuate the trailer during a fire. This should be done each time you set your trailer up at a new campsite, so there is no confusion and you can easily find each other.

Campfire Safety

Campfires can jump quickly and start fires that spread to your trailer and other RVs and trailers nearby. Because of this, it is very important that you follow proper campfire safety techniques.

  • Never light a campfire without a fire ring. You can build a fire ring out of large rocks or purchase a metal ring to take with you wherever you go.
  • Pay attention to burn bans in the area. If a burn ban is in place, don't light a campfire. The burn ban is likely in place because the area is too dry to safely burn and a fire could quickly get out of control and be difficult to extinguish.
  • Never leave or go to bed with a campfire burning. Use buckets of water or dirt to put the fire out before you leave the fire unattended.

Putting these safety measures in place and practicing proper fire safety, will help to keep your family safe as you spend time camping in your travel trailer.

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