Safety Gear You To Wear When Riding Dual Sport Motorcycles

The safety gear you need when riding a dual sport motorcycle is different than what you need for a regular motorcycle. Dual sport motorcycles are designed to be both on and off-road bikes. If you plan on taking your motorcycle off-road, then you are going to have to wear special boots, helmet, and body armor.

Here is a list of the things you will need.


Dual sport boots are flexible. They allow you to maneuver your foot easily. They are also designed to repel mud, rain, and debris. Regular motorcycle boots are not designed to handle mud. However, when you're off-roading, you will encounter muddy trails. So, you need proper dual sport boots, like the ones made by Gaerne.


You won't wear a traditional motorcycle jacket. That's because they don't provide enough protection. Many people who ride dual sport motorcycles don't even wear a jacket. They rely on a jersey that is placed over chest armor. There are some jackets that have body armor sewn into them, but many people find these too hot.


A dual sport helmet is much different than a regular helmet. It is larger, has a visor, and has lots of air vents. It is also designed to allow for goggles. You will definitely need goggles when you're riding off road. A regular face guard won't protect you from dust. The dust can get under a regular helmets face guard. So, choose a helmet that allows you to wear goggles.

Body Armor

Body armor is essential for dual sport. You are going to be riding on uneven terrain. This greatly increases your chances of falling. For this reason, you need to protect yourself. There are three types of armor you will need.

Chest Protection

This is a vest that you wear over a long sleeve t-shirt. Chest armor will also protect your back and sides. You should pick one that is flexible and not rigid.

Knee Guards

You can choose the slip on variety, or the strap-on style. The ones that slip on don't protect as well. They are designed for protecting abrasion. The hard shell style that you strap-on over your knee will protect you better in the event of a serious fall.

Elbow Guards

These also come in two styles. You can get the slip-on style or the strap-on style. If you are new to dual sport, it is safest to wear the hard shell strap on style. These provide better protection.

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